Saturday, September 09, 2006

Always Buy American

Unity mouthpiece Leo Casey is a very important guy. That's why he won't answer my questions about the new excessing plans. After all, Leo makes twice what working teachers do. Why should he lower himself to conversing with the bootless and unhorsed?

Leo says the new excessing plan, which leaves a thousand teachers in limbo even as Klein hires 275 new ones, is an improvement, though he fails to give a single reason why. Then he wrote three long articles (perhaps to ensure the excessing conversation got buried on the rarely-visited second page of Edwize), one of which suggests those who spin events have no decency.

Just last night I got an email from an excessed teacher. As you may imagine, this person does not share Mr. Casey's point of view. This teacher and some friends set up a shop and they have a message for Mr. Casey and his Unity cohorts. No spin for them.

One of their fine products is pictured above.

Thanks to 17 more years, Schoolgal, and an entrepreneurial group of excessed teachers

Update: Leo Casey responds on Edwize.
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