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That's right, no more waiting--it's finally here. Welcome to the 68th edition of the Carnival of Education. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone.


Oh boy! It’s
prom day for Mr. Lawrence.

This Week in Education fills us in on NSA spying and sexy pictures. If that doesn’t turn you on, check out the speed stacking.

Lennie poses two questions--what could possibly be
in these books that makes someone want to ban them? And could these folks be praying the ban succeeds?

Over at
Chaz's School Days he’s talking Boys and Pencils, and we’ll leave it at that (this is a family blog).


Why are all those teachers so happy (and so hungry)? The Education Wonks will fill you in on their little secret. And what on earth has US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings been taking that's inhibiting her mathematical skills?

Rock and Roll

Ms Cornelius, our intrepid and fearless heroine, selflessly battles the pink robots (including, at no extra charge, a brief musical interlude courtesy of Oklahoma's favorite non-country band, the Flaming Lips).


might not believe who the new school bullies are. Get on the Bus with Scott Elliot, and while you’re riding, examine whether a historic 1923 school is worth saving.

Filthy Lucre

Nick at
Punny Money offers suggestions on how you can go to college without incurring those nasty student loans.

Edpol tells us about Applying Decision Models to School Budgeting.

Like all of us (who drive),
Miss Cellenia is feeling gas pains.


Go on, admit it. That’s why you got into teaching.
Polski fears nothing, reveals all, and does so with bilingual flair.


I was just putting the finishing touches on my latest post, Parental Involvement is the Cure for Our Educational Woes, and now this. Ken from
DE-D Reckoning points out parental involvement is not a cure for our educational woes after all.

Existential Angst

Ms. Frizzle is so horrendously busy she's finding very little time for the little things, like having a life.

Considering Ms. Frizzle’s trials and tribulations, is this job worth it? I think so.

Don’t ever forget to read Mamacita at
Scheiss Weekly (just as it says). She always has something well-worth reading, and this is no exception.

If Three Standard Deviations to the Left hadn’t sent me this post, I’d have put it up anyway. Check it out.

A favorite of mine, Graycie at
Today’s Homework, waxes nostalgic about her graduating seniors.

The Daily Grind ponders late work here, here, and here.

Doctoral candidate and always thoughtful
Jenny D. has a serious question for choice advocates.

Truth and Justice

Chemjerk brings us a true tale of how science can be used for catching evildoers who cheat on tests.

The Cranky Taxpayer says Virginia is enabling Richmond’s violations for truancy laws.

Schoolme, the LA Times’ new education blog, wonders whether $57 and 20 hours of community service is a tad harsh for tardiness. Don’t miss the twist at the end. And check out Alexander Russo’s interview with Schoolme’s Bob Sipchen.

High school student
Schuyler Hall alerts us that LA Unified is not taking the attempted hostile mayoral takeover lying down.

Brad of the
HUNblog gets on his soapbox with an impassioned plea for early childhood education, as well as the unsettling suggestion the good old days were not all they're cracked up to be.

Greg at
Rhymes with Right worries about schools arbitrarily determining what is “inappropriate” behavior on the net.

Does Size Matter?

Joe Williams at
The Chalkboard seems to think it does.

These folks
think so too.

not everyone agrees.

A History Teacher wonders, whatever the size may be, where can you put it?


The math world is all abuzz about integrated math, much maligned, but is it working? Matt from Scholar's Notebook gives us the lowdown.

While we’re discussing numbers, hop over to
Kitchen Table Math and take the very cool Executive Function Self Test. Delve more deeply here.

Darren and his math class demonstrate once and for all how multiculturalist lefties are destroying the world.

Speaking of which, here’s
Mr. Radical himself, JD2718

RU4 Real?

The Super has a creative solution—funding schools via selling the lottery to the highest bidder.

Spinmile at
EdzUp introduces a fresh feature: the New Teacher Diaries.

Reality-based educator gives us the good news—yet another turning point in Iraq.

Life’s Mysteries

Ever wonder how to create a
science fair project?

When are you gonna
get a life, anyway?

early academics help kids?

From your friendly neighborhood
elementary history teacher—who was our first President? It’s not who you think.

And when are we gonna learn, as
The Art of Getting By so ably points out, that it's “not whether you win or lose, it's how you avoid playing the game.”

Learning to Teach

Ms. W. can’t decide whether or not to stick with teaching. Run, don’t walk, visit her and offer some encouragement.

Mrs. Bog blogs from the bog, with a few
Thoughts and Questions on Student Teaching.

Eduwonk discusses a study about National Teacher Certification.

Here’s a
Teaching Update from Science and Politics

Laura Huertero shows us how to utilize a six line review to help kids write.

Let’s Get it Right has an interview with E.D. Hirsch.

Teaching to Learn

Going to the Mat suggests we can prepare kids better for inevitable hours of high-stakes testing.

Me-Ander, meandering all the way from Israel, is happy to take a break.

The Nerd Family wonders whether testing is necessary.

The Wandering Visitor, a real, live medical doctor, chimes in with a post called Always Learning, which suggests that the student-teacher relationship depends largely on the enthusiasm of the student.

Some people grow attached to boxes. Others sit in them, seal them with packing tape, and ship themselves off to exotic places. But of all the boxes in all the gin joints in all the world, there are simply no boxes like
Drop Down Boxes. Why? Marcia Adair reveals all.

Sandra tells us about a
pilot program in Tennessee.

One Very Special Teacher

HuffEnglish tells us about a teacher who’s retiring after 69 years. Let’s wish her well.
Carnivals Yet to Come

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