Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wize Lies

Edwize prints lies with impunity. They don’t like to be told that, and censor UFT members, like me, who inconveniently point that out. They think UFT members are sheep, and should believe what we’re told.

They think it's gospel to pay dues, but blasphemy to form our own opinions.

I commented on Edwize that Unity rep City Sue says there’s guaranteed placement when it sells the contract, but Unity rep Leo Casey strongly condemns a Daily News article for claiming much the same thing.

Casey defended this odd position thusly: “when you go the actual text City Sue wrote, you see that the phrase about always having “a job,” follows a long description of the ‘open market’ with the clear statement that there will be no automatic placements”

Here is the entire text to which Casey refers:

1. With the transfer plans gone, we won’t be able to transfer to another school. They’ll be able to put us wherever they want.

Not true. In fact, there’ll be more transfer opportunities. The only thing is, like in the real world, you’ll have to sell yourself. See a vacancy? Just apply! All vacancies will be declared, not just half. No limits on how many jobs you can apply for. No release needed from your principal. No limits on how many teachers can transfer out of a single school. No discrimination in hiring allowed, not even for union activities — or age, race, etc. No involuntary transfers. It’s a free market, for those who dare! And for excessed teachers, there’s always a job for you back home (in your school or district) if you can’t find anything else.

Where is that “clear statement” there will be no automatic placements? If “there’s always a job for you back home” it certainly sounds to me as though you’re placed.

Could it be Leo Casey, who we pay to write this stuff, imagined it? Did he make it up? Does he see dead people? And even if he does, does it merit a six-figure job and two pensions?

While City Sue makes an oblique allusion to the truth, that’s not quite the same as honesty. In fact, she’s blatantly attempting to mislead UFT members into thinking there’s some advantage in the new arrangement.

Casey continues:

The supposition of NYCEducator’s comments here, it appears, is that no one will actually read City Sue’s post, so accusations can be made in inflammatory language without the slightest heed.

In fact, I posted her comments in their entirety as a response.

It's Casey who thinks we're too lazy to bother checking.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and no one should be in power for 50 years.

Tell all your colleagues about the Unity patronage mill, how New Action is another arm of Unity, and if you know anyone in the press, tell them too. If you don't know anyone in the press, meet them, and then tell them.

The UFT is our union. Let's take it back from the self-serving, do-nothing, accept anything hacks who have the audacity to claim to represent us.

Unity thinks we're too stupid to question them, let alone topple them. The fact is 40% of teachers knew what this contract was before it was implemented. Now, 100% know what it means, though the worst is yet to come.

Reject Unity, their inflated salaries and their double pensions. Next year, we can vote them out. If they want more money, let them go to work.

Why should we have all the fun?

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