Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We Report, You Decide

Fox , in its zeal to avoid airing real news like this, featured a teacher on Hannity and Colmes who showed a questionable video to his class of 13 year olds.

I suppose today's lesson is that teachers are all liberals, shamelessly trying to indoctrinate our children . After all, O'Reilly has already told us teacher unions are not good Americans.

Hannity called for the teacher's firing. To be "fair and balanced," Colmes called for it too.

That video, though, above all, is juvenile. If that refrain is the cleverest thing the songwriter can produce, he ought to go back to delivering newspapers. Any teacher who shows such a thing ought to know there will be repercussions.

And frankly, whatever his political persuasions, I wouldn't want someone who could not anticipate this response teaching my kid.

For more "fair and balanced" coverage of vital issues, check out how O'Reilly, who accused "secular progressives" of waging a war on Easter, now says there is no such thing, and that it's a concoction of wacky liberals. Great video of O'Reilly taking both sides of this "issue."

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