Thursday, April 13, 2006

Truth vs. Unity

On Edwize, Unity hack Ron Isaacs (aka Redhog) gave us another window into the Unity approach to the truth yesterday. I'll post here in case Unity censors once again delete my response:

...all of our members are forever competent and innocent unless proved beyond a reasonable doubt...

Under the new contract, which Redhog strongly supported, we’ve specifically lost that protection, and can be suspended for 90 days without pay, whether or not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

That is the perpetual cornerstone of unionism, and the reason for our members’ unyielding faith in the UFT and its leadership.

Actually, that's only one of the many reasons for the growing dissatisfaction with our ineffectual, clueless leadership, as typified by the blatant falsehoods and wishful thinking Redhog and his ilk delight in substituting for truth.
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