Monday, April 24, 2006

Top Secret

Check out the newest story on the ICE-UFT blog. Apparently the unwieldy 346-person contract committe has been sworn to secrecy as to what exactly they're doing. This precludes those who might tend to question Unity from airing their concerns. It also shields Unity nicely from criticism of the next sellout contract. They can say, "Jeff Kaufman was on the committee. Why didn't he speak up?"

Never mind that he's numerically overwhelmed by Unity hacks bound to do whatever it takes to procure employment and/ or double pensions at the end of the rainbow.

Unity, however, sees no point in observing the oath it procured from its lowly rank and file. It uses the meetings for PR, and reports what it sees fit. Unity pointedly mentioned that its minions overwhelmingly rejected a motion for no more givebacks. That way, when your 32.5 minute class metamorphizes into a five-day 40 minute class, Randi can say "The committee approved it. It was in New York Teacher"

Trust Unity. But don't tell anyone I said so.
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