Friday, April 28, 2006

Speak Up!

One of the great things about Edwize is that it gives us the opportunity to openly share our opinions with other UFT members.

Feel free to share your opinions about the Iraq war, Darfur, or, now that the strike has been over for months, the TWU. Discuss the perfidy of Joel Klein to your heart's content.

However, do not discuss the recent UFT sellout that wins money for future teachers and nothing of substance for rank and file. That would be "off-topic" and strictly verboten. Unity censors expressly forbid discussion of topics they themselves have not initiated.

There are blogs that have covered this topic, including:

Ms. Frizzle
Your Mama's Mad Tedious
Chaz's School Daze

as well as the one you're now reading.

UFT President Randi Weingarten, in her print NY Teacher column, wrote "even though I agree with the Edwize bloggers who say teacher retention is the issue, it was in this context we helped the DOE address the issue.."

Perhaps Edwize bloggers indeed said such things, somewhere. But Edwize has provided no opportunity whatsoever for rank and file to discuss Unity's most recent misstep, and it's plainly disingenuous to suggest otherwise.
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