Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Principals' Principles

JoeWilliams at The Chalkboard criticizes principals for not wanting to meet Chancellor Klein on a Saturday to discuss his latest scheme to revolutionize education. Never mind that this scheme replaces his last scheme, and the one before that. Never mind that neither good teachers, small classes, nor decent facilities form part of this scheme. Principals earn six figures, and therefore should jump through hoops at the Chancellor's bidding.

I don't much like to defend principals, but I wouldn't want that job for all the tea in China. They can have the six figures, if they want 'em that bad. I like dealing with kids, but I have little patience for petulant adults, including some of my colleagues and, most particularly, Klein's clueless minions (who also, incidentally, make six figures for whatever it is they do). If I had to spend my days kowtowing to troglodytes, six figures would hardly restrain me from jumping out the window. Worse, principals' offices are usually on the first floor.

And don't get me started about doing it an extra day.

In a city where a hovel in a marginal neighborhood runs north of half a million bucks, making six figures is nothing to jump up and down about. More importantly, this Chancellor has let these principals go years without a contract or a pay raise. Despite his charming demeanor and boyish good looks, Klein's flagrant disrespect merits neither the extra mile nor basic loyalty.

He'll be lucky to score moderate civility.
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