Thursday, April 13, 2006

The New Paradigm

There's a lot of talk. necessarily, about whose fault it is NYC schools do not function perfectly. Naturally, the failure to insist on good teachers, small classes, and decent facilities is excluded from this discussion, as Bloomberg does not wish to pay for such caprices. Therefore, NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has decided to blame the principals.

Where do you suppose principals will turn when they have to look for scapegoats?

Another of Klein's unique approaches is the method in which schools are graded. If school A's students consistently pass the all-important tests, but improve less than school B, whose students do not, school B is doing better than school A.

As a parent, I'd ignore the rating system entirely and send my kid to school A. Most parents follow suit, which leads to the unconscionable overcrowding at my school.

Ignoring the natural ebb and flow of performance is characteristic of both NCLB's and Klein's preposterous standards. Ignoring the dysfunctional nature of the system for which he demanded responsibility is Bloomberg's calling card.

How he manages to fool the voters, despite his money, is beyond me.
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