Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Go Ahead...Take It!

Edwize is still mum on the issue of the UFT's latest giveaway, preferring to vilify Chancellor Klein. While such criticism is richly deserved, it's still a diversionary tactic.

Why did the UFT agree to modify our contract so the DoE could ramp up recruitment? Isn't recruitment their problem? If teachers aren't being paid enough, shouldn't we urge them to correct that while we're renegotiating the contract?

Unity is quick to label Klein as unappreciative and vindictive, and they're absolutely correct. What's the point of making it easy for people like that?

During the last contract, the UFT agreed to several contractual modifications. Why? What did we get in exchange?

The point of negotiation is for both sides to come out a little better, not to give management whatever it wants, whenever it pleases.

Unity hacks love to rationalize, "We have to give them these things, or what will the News and the Post say?" Well, guess what? We've given them the moon and the stars, and they still hate us, and always will. The only thing they've ever like about us what when we signed the most recent contract. Do you suppose they'd have supported it if it were good for teachers??

The UFT's agreement with the city is one more precedent, along with the "master teacher," toward merit pay. Look at Florida, where 10% of teachers will get it. That means 90% will not. I sure feel sorry for Florida, where 90% of their teachers, apparently, are without merit. As a parent, I find that completely unacceptable.

It doesn't end there. Our last two contracts included longer days. What do you think is next? Our last contract included two days in August. What would you say to three more? Our last contract included 32.5 minutes "small group instruction" four days a week. Why not tack on one more day, 8 more minutes, and 30 more students?

Why not? Unity can easily give that away, and get its standard payment for being so agreeable.

Nothing whatsoever. Thanks, Unity.
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