Saturday, April 29, 2006

First Things First

This week's NY Teacher devotes two full pages to the 37.5 minute class. It claims there is good and bad, but highlights only the "rave reviews" and "sweet successes."

Great! So why not have teachers give up another prep period? Why not expand it to a full class period so more kids can benefit? Why not have teachers come in on Saturdays?

Why not indeed? Klein is out to break the union, and Unity is all too happy to help him do it. Why not? Unity hacks are still pulling in six figures for doing whatever it is they do in that building. They still collect double pensions. As far as they're concerned, everything's fine.

So what if you come in a few days early? So what if you get excessed and can't get another position? So what if you get one and have to drive another hour to get there? So what if you're suspended without pay for 90 days on a trumped-up charge and end up losing your home, your car, and maybe your family?

As long as those dues keep rolling in , everything's good.
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