Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another Great Unity Benefit

A UFT member was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and suspended without pay. The teacher has now been exonerated, and was a victim of vindictive lying kids. The press, which eagerly accused him, couldn't be bothered correcting itself, according to this source.

As you may know, the new UFT contract provides that members accused of sexual misconduct can be suspended up to 90 days without pay. While the suspension may be justified to ensure student safety, withholding of pay should not take place until and unless charges are substantiated.

You may recall Unity hacks on Edwize pontificating on the unlikelihood of teachers being suspended on flimsy allegations (scroll down to the ninth paragraph). Whether or not this story is substantiated, in this climate, it's entirely possible that UFT members could lose their homes as a result of 3 months lost income.

Has Unity forgotten what can happen to falsely accused teachers?
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