Thursday, January 19, 2006

While Pataki and Bloomberg Fiddled...

Diane Payne, a Queens mother of five, has gone to court claiming that the delay of promised CFI lawsuit funds is effectively denying her kids a basic, sound education.

While George and Mike bicker and point fingers over who is to blame for the city's not having received funds promised by the NY State Supreme Court, 1.1 million schoolkids are not getting the small classes and quality teachers these funds were earmarked for. I can testify firsthand that Mayor Mike is now weaseling out of the much-heralded school construction that was to relieve the chronic overcrowding of Queens high schools in particular.

Ms. Payne contends that her kids can no longer wait for the education promised NYC kids. Governor Pataki had promised to withdraw opposition to the CFI suit, in part to gain UFT endorsement.

You may recall that the UFT endorsed Pataki over education-friendly Carl McCall. Another brilliant, highly productive tactic from the Unity plantation.

Update: You don't have to email about the photo--that's Bobby Hicks . If you're a fiddle fan, check him out and forget about George and Mike.
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