Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fools Rush in...

I've been discussing memorable administrators with Graycie from Today's Homework. Graycie, clearly smarter than me, keeps using her comments as posts on her own blog. Well, an idea worth noticing is an idea worth stealing.

I keep thinking of that quote people have been posting from prominent right-wing propagandist and teacher-basher John Stossel: "If the principal says you're a bad teacher, I want to fire you," or whatever.

There are many, many failed teachers who embraced administration to escape kids. They're not only the worst leaders for kids, but the worst for adults as well.I was once giving a very good lesson in a sweltering NYC summer-school classroom when a man in a three-piece tweed suit walked in, picked up my notebook, and announced that my lesson plan only covered three-fourths of a page.

He told me the next time he came in, I'd better have a full-page plan.He had no idea whatsoever what was going on in my classroom, or what was contained in the plan he glanced at.

Too bad no one told Stossel about principals like that. Of course, Stossel would have simply ignored it and plodded on with his ultra-right wing, media-sanctioned witch hunt.
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