Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another Great Unity Victory

Here's a post Chaz left:

I have been informed that Tweed has decided the following be done for the 37.5 minutes..

A lesson plan is required for the tutoring session. .

2 teachers to the classroom with 20 students are permissable..

Attendance will be taken to ensure student participation..

Teachers can be observed during the tutoring session.

This directly contradicts assertions made by Leo Casey and City Sue on Edwize. When I pointed this out on Edwize, several posters suggested I shut up (one invoking the name of Martin Luther King, no less), but no one suggested I was mistaken. I can only assume that Chaz is right and we've been lied to yet again.

However, it would be nice to to be proven wrong. Anyone know something we don't?
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