Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Hate Saying I Told You So...

The NY Times today reports that principals are being instructed to group 3 "small-group instruction" groups together in single classrooms. Randi says she's against it, and that the DOE is trying "for a second bite of the apple," but the city claims it's Randi's UFT trying to renegotiate after the fact.

To me, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, since a sixth class is, after all, a sixth class. But the move tells a lot about the city's attitude toward "small-group-instruction," which will be completely ineffectual in their preferred setting.

1. They couldn't care less about its quality.

2. Their sole interest in maintaining it is the anticipation of the next contract, 10 more minutes, and six full classes.

Unity will claim they never anticipated such things. Well, if I, a lowly teacher, can see them coming, why can't our highly-compensated leadership?
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