Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Private Schools Charge Families $50,000 or More a Year, Get State Aid to Pay Teachers

So what if you're sitting on a gazillion dollar endowment? The state is giving away free money, and it doesn't matter how rich you are. You can always use a little more. After all, the bootless and unhorsed would just fritter than money away on rent or food or something equally frivolous. You, on the other hand, will take that money you don't need at all and invest it. It makes perfect sense. 

Yet the papers are whining, oh, that Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School has over 40 million dollars in the bank, and still wants more money. Well of course they do. The fact is there are some things you just can't have too much of. 

For example, you hear people complain they have too many problems. They have too much work. They have too many expenses. You never hear people complaining they have too much money because there simply is no such thing. Now sure, there are naysayers and whiners. 

“For the State of New York to subsidize these private schools charging $50,000 to $60,000 to go to school, I say no to that,” said state Sen. Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan), a longtime education advocate who’s fought to increase state funding to public schools. “That money could be used better at schools in our city and state where kids need it the most.” 

This notwithstanding, the fact is Donald Trump could send his kid anywhere, and he sent Barron to Columbia Grammar and Prep. Seriously, does anyone think he sent them there thinking they need less money? How on earth are places like that going to keep charging top dollar if they don't keep the place spruced up? You can't just keep the same old chandeliers forever. You have to change up the candelabras on the grand piano every now and then. 

Sure, you could fritter that money away on those public schools, where people go when they haven't got enough green to make it to Columbia prep. But would they appreciate it? When, for example, have you heard a public school kid appreciate that the food was catered by a five-star restaurant? When do they take field trips to Europe, or accompany Jeff Bezos on a lunar trip?

And once you start with giving public schools things like adequate ventilation, or actual deep cleaning, politicians like Jackson will start whining about how they want their schools to always be safe, or clean, or whatever, and then you're on a slippery slope. Next they'll be demanding they have the same things private schools have, or worse, demanding to unionize private school teachers. Once that happens, you'll actually have to reach into the endowment to pay their frigging salaries, and if that isn't an unnecessary expense, what is?

It's good to know that Kathy Hochul is prioritizing things like granting aid to schools that least need it and extending mayoral control for a guy who's held office less than a month. Who knows what else she's capable of? Stay tuned and we'll soon find out. 

HT/ Leo Genn

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