Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Who Are We?

It's remarkable what Donald Trump gets away with. He can say the most vulgar and offensive things and America says, "I'm good with that." He can separate children from their parents. He can send these children back, alone, to Mexico, even if they aren't Mexican. America says, "No problem. That's what they get for being rapists and drug dealers."

Trump can view a neo-nazi rally and declare there are good people on both sides. America says, "Yes sure, there's good in everyone." He can continue to insist on the guilt of the Central Park Five, even after they've been demonstrated to be innocent. America says, "Well, maybe that DNA evidence was false. After all, Biden might listen to scientists instead of the voices in Donald Trump's head, and we all know what that means."

Trump can get up from his television at 2:30 AM and declare that he's won, though there's absolutely no evidence to support his contention. He can tell us he wants to halt counting in states where he's ahead and continue it in states where he's behind. He can say he's going to his hand-picked Supreme Court to make sure that happens. America says, "Yeah, let's allow the court to decide. After all, they have those black robes so they must know what's right."

Trump can discount foreign meddling in US elections. He can blame it on his opponents. He can express admiration for vicious dictators in North Korea and Russia. He can look the other way when it appears Russia has placed a bounty on US soldiers. He can then stand in front of an American flag and declare his support for the troops, and America says, "Wow. Look at all those flags. This guy is really patriotic."

Trump can preside over the deaths of well over 200,000 Americans. During a pandemic, he can drop out of the World Health Organization. He can ignore the recommendations of his own CDC. He can hold massive indoor rallies that turn out to be super spreader events. He can actually catch the virus himself and force Secret Service agents to be with him so he can drive around and wave to people. He can say don't fear the virus. America says, "Gee what a gutsy guy he must be," and continues to follow the idiotic practices that have led us to become the worst COVID casualty in the entire world.

Trump can claim to be protecting the health of Americans with pre-existing conditions even as he is in court trying to stop Obamacare, absolutely the only protection there is for such conditions. It doesn't matter that he's repeatedly tried to stop it. It doesn't matter that, for years, he's promised a great plan that would cover absolutely everyone. It doesn't matter that for just as many years, he's failed to produce one. America says, "He's an outsider. He tells it like it is."

Trump can take the most middle-of-the-road Democrat, Joe Biden, and cry socialism to the high heavens. Oh my gosh, it's socialism! Maybe we won't have to pay outrageous co-pays for medicine and treatment. Maybe we won't go bankrupt due to catastrophic medical emergency. Maybe we won't stay at jobs we despise for decades rather than risk losing our health insurance. America says, "Well, we stand on our own two feet and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps." Never mind that Trump himself gets the best care available, all at our expense, and that socialism for him is just fine.

Trump can be outrageously inappropriate, racist, bigoted, xenophobic. America says, "Hey, that means it's okay if I'm racist, bigoted and xenophobic too! Who cares if this guy puts my life and those of my family and community at risk? I can be racist again. Whoopee!"

Then we all put on our red hats and the world laughs at us, if only because it's too horrible to face us and cry.

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