Monday, October 19, 2020

UFT Executive Board October 19, 2020 --The Fun Never Stops


Roll Call 5:50

 UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Welcomes us.


UFT President Michael Mulgrew--6:08--Moving heavily on operational issues. Will meet with chancellor this week. Will try and figure where we need more staff. Have stopped cooperating until these things get resolved. Disappeared last year, and summer, and now want to do whatever they feel like. Will follow up on that. May send something to CLs. More people are coming forward now with other issues. 

Retirees and volunteers working hard, Max Rose and Nicole M. very expensive race. Andrew Benardis in Brooklyn too. Retirees working in multiple states. Cassie Pruett can help if you want to volunteer.

We're focused on getting schools open. Data shows it's relatively safe right now, but we can't be too sure. We will likely be in this setting for rest of school year.

Questions about equity between last year and this year. Remote instruction improved, but not the same as what we usually do. Lots of adults having conversations rather than playing politics. 

Monitoring stimulus conversation. Spoke with AFT. Comes down to whether they have enough to push Senate to do a package. We have to be careful with language. Education part looks good so far. Support city and state funding. 


Why did union agree to split lump sum? Union did not agree. Arbitrator made the decision, and we agreed to no layoffs and guaranteed raise. That's agreement.

Mandatory testing unethical? We use original safety guidance from CDC. Feds don't want to bother with testing now. Every doctor we worked with said this is important. All fed agencies politically manipulated.

The DOE is full of Bloomberg leftovers hired from TFA refugees, cocktail parties, hopeless relatives and who knows where else. What are we going to do to get the next mayor to sweep clean, get rid of the incompetence and indifference, and sweep the stench of Bloomberg from Tweed forever?--This is our frustration. Same people causing all these problems. Middle management useless, harmful. Had to testify at City Council, said operational side is great. People on instructional side horrendous, only cause problems. They have to go. Mayor's race coming up, changes everything.

No lump sum payments carry interest. If they do anything with raise we can go back to arbitrator. Just because we have an agreement, and city is following, we still prepare in case anything goes wrong.

SBO process is ours. We will get pressure from principals. Our job to hold the line. Sometimes you have to say too bad, you're not getting it. We will go after principals if necessary.

Retro for per session should follow same path as other retro. 

Sent chancellor's email specifically saying Election Day is remote learning day and no UFT should be in building. 

Thanks us.  Will need committees to look at things discussed at DA, and we'll meet next week.

D75 admin following guidance as per DOE with masks--What happens if one of our children gets sick? They didn't send a sick kid home because he didn't have a fever.

If a kid has symptoms, he can be sent home whether or not he has fever. Working with city for clearer guidance. Asking for medical documentation for kids who don't wear masks. Will work on that this week. Another reason to get rid of all the Bloomberg leftovers.

Wishes us good night and good week.

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