Friday, June 19, 2020

45 + 45 = 45, or Boy Wonder Assigns a Program

That bastard Chapter Leader is making a stink again. Of course, of course. That's all he ever does. He lives for this stuff. Now it's all, "Oh, you CAN'T give Mr. Scwartz a program with four preps." I told him it's three preps, you sucker, but he's all, "Yes, but one of them is two periods, and it takes twice as much time to prep 90 minutes as it does to prep 45.


Now, he's all,"Oh, I'm gonna file a grievance, and it's gonna go to the superintendent, and then you're gonna have to make the change anyway." I'll make a change alright. So instead of having him teach The History of Cement 1 and 2, I'll make the bastard teacher the History of Cement 1, 2 and 3. Then it will be a three period class. And I'll make sure the other two preps are different ones. Then I can give that asshole five preps instead of just four, and it will still be three on paper.

I wasn't born yesterday. I know how to deal with all that nonsense.

That's what I'm gonna do if they win this frigging grievance. If that weasel superintendent grants them this stupid request, he's not worth the cardboard he's painted on. You know, Burger King is offering one free Whopper with purchase this week, and they deliver. I could order three times today and get three free Whoppers. I wonder if they'll charge extra for cheese, those bastards. That's how they get you. There's always a catch.

Anyway, what if he wins the second grievance? I guess I can keep on adding levels one at a time. Can they even grieve again once you change the program? This is the problem when you agree to all these ridiculous rules. What's even the point of being the boss when you can't do what you want? I mean, those lazy teachers are just sitting on their asses at home and I can't even send them out to buy me lunch. What's up with that?

I would fix this system if I were in charge. No more of that nonsense staying home just because there's a frigging pandemic. Oh excuse me, I don't want to get infected. I'd send every one of those whiny bastards into the building every frigging day, and if they didn't like it, they could walk. Hey, the world is full of risks and they're the underlings and they should be ready and willing to go out there and take them.

Plus I live close enough to the school that I could send at least some of them out to bring me lunch. These frigging delivery services, man, they take forever. Then they wonder why I don't tip. I don't believe in tipping. If they wanted real jobs, they'd work their way up, like I did. In our family, that's what we were taught. As soon as my uncle was principal, he made me assistant principal, and as soon as the old goat kicks it, I'll have that job.

Anyway, this isn't Burger King, so you don't get it your way. If you come crying to me about your frigging program I'm just gonna find a way to make it worse. Hold the lettuce my ass. And you'll be on potty patrol forever.

Those teachers should just quit their bitching, If they had half a brain, they'd work tbeir way out of the frigging classroom just like I did. Meanwhile, they'll take what they get and like it. Or not. I don't give a flying hoot.
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