Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kiling FDR's Legacy

I've been a Democrat since I've been old enough to vote. My parents were Democrats. They said that Democrats were the party of working people. FDR's legacy was one of helping those who lived through hard times, creating jobs and opportunity for those who need it.

One of his ideas that never quite made it was national health care. That's a shame. The number one cause of bankruptcy in our country is catastrophic medical emergency. While city employees have very good health care, I know several teachers who've incurred crushing debt while using GHI, which I also use.

Furthermore, if God forbid you get really hurt and need long term care, you're out of luck. My father, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, was in need of such care. His wife had to get a lawyer to try and divest him of all he owned so he'd qualify for Medicaid at the end of his life. In fact, you don't need to be at the end of your life to need long term care. You just need to have extremely bad luck.

Michael Bloomberg is quoted saying we ought to deny care to the elderly. I've no doubt he'll reconsider when it comes to needing his own care. That's the thing about elitist, out of touch rich people. They hang out at the golf course with their own people and don't know diddly squat about those of us who have to make a living.

I'm frankly shocked at the volume of people who respond to Bloomberg's incessant ads. Sure he's a
little racist, but that's okay. Sure, he said all those things about women, but what are you going to do? Sure, he wants to fire half of all teachers and double class size, but hey, people say things. Sure, he hates public education, but you can't have everything. Maybe he's just a little bit authoritarian and can't be bothered with, you know, civil liberties. Okay, so maybe he compared teacher unions and ACLU to the NRA once or twice, but what are you gonna do?

What a lot of Democrats are going to do, in their incredibly myopic effort to "vote blue no matter who," is support this man, out there every day trying to buy the Presidency of the United States. It doesn't matter that the qualities described above are reminiscent of no one more than current President Donald Trump, with whom he was BFFs right until he saw the opportunity to grab power from him.

Bloomberg, who cannot conceive of himself being wrong about anything, is now deflecting his faults upon others, calling Bernie Sanders Trumplike because Sanders rails about Bloomberg trying to buy the nomination. Crowds eat this up, because it is so absolutely true. In fact it's Bloomberg who's Trumplike, because like Trump, he can't abide criticism, particularly when it's absolutely valid.

On Twitter, Bloomberg attacks Sanders supporters, stereotyping them as Bernie Bros. We are a bunch of contrary bullies who can't tolerate opposing points of view. It's kind of remarkable that Bloomberg, with all that money, has to attack Sanders supporters rather than the candidate. In any case, like all stereotypes, this is absolutely untrue. Along with most Sanders supporters, I voted for Hillary against Trump in 2016. Like many Democrats, I'd vote for any candidate but Bloomberg against Trump.

It's unacceptable to have to choose between two out of touch, sexist, racist, disingenuous demagogues. If Democrats want to win, they'd better consider that. I understand that modern Democrats have been moving away from their FDR roots since Clinton, and have embraced corporatism and big money. Nominating Michael Bloomberg would surrender all their remaining credibility. It would make them completely unnecessary, and remove necessary options from the American people.

They'll be digging their own graves. Usually no one does that, unless they have guns to their heads. The DNC took 800K to whore themselves out to Michael Bloomberg, changing the rules and allowing him into the debates with no public support. This, of course, was after Kamala Harris, Julian Castro and Corey Booker were squeezed out by the old rules.

If the Democrats are a bunch of whores on the same level as Trump's GOP, America needs a new option. We've been a banana republic since GW Bush's Daddy's court and brother's state gave him the presidency. We have a Supreme Court that most definitely doesn't represent the will of the people.

Democrats running Michael Bloomberg would mean working Americans had absolutely no chance for representation on the Executive Branch. That's disgraceful, and it would mean Democrats stood for nothing but money, just like the GOP. Ben Franklin said something like those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. I wonder what he'd have said about a political party that sacrifices all its principles for a pile of cash.
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