Friday, July 19, 2019

If You Don't Exercise Your Rights, You Haven't Got Any

I keep shaking my head over the racist and vitriolic attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar, not to mention the preposterous defenses of Trump's assertion she and others should go back where they came from. It's incredible how people are utilizing arguments of anti-Semitism to rationalize their racism, not to mention that of the President.

Even the Orange Man himself offered to backtrack after his crowd of racists shouted to send her back. He said he didn't say it. The thing is, though, he did say it, albeit in a tweet. He says he tried to stop the chant, though it's on video and he quite obviously did not. It's tough to defend yourself successfully when you're a pathological liar. It's even tougher when you make your lies so obvious a kindergartener could recognize them.


He's right about one thing. Three of the four came from America, and our government is now a complete and total catastrophe. That's not only due to Trump. You also need to credit Republican Senators, the biggest whores on planet earth. Look at Lindsay Graham, who basically says Trump isn't a racist. (However, in 2015, he called Trump a race-baiting bigot. Go figure. ) You see, according to Graham, only critics of Donald Trump need to be sent home, and therefore this isn't racism.  Let's take that at face value for a moment (and let's not do it for more than a moment, because it's an outrageous lie anyway). If, in fact, we are only deporting dissenters, we have essentially eliminated free speech. Criticize Trump and you have to leave the country. I kind of like what Jimmy Kimmel had to say about Graham:

Lindsay Graham is probably the closest Donald Trump will ever come to owning a dog.

Of course, that's a slur on dogs. Nonetheless, if you take Graham's position as acceptable, there goes the First Amendment. An unused right is just a bunch of words on paper. I see this played out at smaller levels as well. If you're a New York City teacher, you need to know that a lot of people from city agencies are not your friends. Lying is pretty much a way of life for them. If you don't believe me, become a chapter leader and listen to the blithering nonsense that comes from "legal."

That's why it's very important to avail yourself of the right to representation when the suits come to your school. I tell members to say, "Please give me your card. I'd be happy to speak with you as soon as I have representation." I also tell them to call me, even in my classroom, if they want me to say it for them. I'm amazed at some responses agency people give us.

Once, a guy from SCI came in. A member had called me down. He challenged me.

"Do you even know what this is about?"


"Do you care what it's about?"

"Protocol is the same regardless."

At this point, the member asked me to step out so she could tell me what it was about. The guy was right, in a way. It was something very disturbing. It didn't involve the member, except for her having knowledge of it. Still, I don't trust these guys any farther than I can throw them. Who's to say they wouldn't blame her for things that were out of her control? I told her to wait until we arranged representation.

I went back. I told the guy I now understood what the issue was. He asked if she was ready to talk.

"Please give us your card, and she'll be happy to speak with you as soon as she has representation."

The guy started screaming. I didn't care about kids. All I cared about was protecting teachers. Actually, I care a lot about protecting teachers. It's a big part of my job. I knew this guy didn't give a damn about my colleague, and his intent was bullying us into giving up her rights. Too bad for him. She didn't.

Even amongst ourselves we sometimes exercise this nonsense. I once ran successfully for UFT Executive Board with MORE. I agreed to back their priorities, which I thought I shared, and they agreed I'd voice my own. When I introduced a class size resolution, they were very upset. Why didn't I run it by steering? Who said it was okay? Then, of course, they tossed everyone out who they didn't like, just like Lindsay Graham wants to do.

Your voice is all you have. If you give it up, you may as well get used to being nobody. It's literally our job to set an example. We can't afford to be nobodies at work, and we can't afford to be nobodies in the United States either.
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