Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Starts Now...

...says a commercial I'm watching.

I'm starting it by going to Queens UFT to file grievances. It turns out that, as chapter leader, your magical access to the online grievance form disappears the day after school stops. Like everyone, of course, I love the smell of fresh grievances in the morning.

I'm gonna take advantage of my trip to Queens by visiting my dentist. She's got me on a teeth-whitening regimen. A month ago, I won an award from UFT. Part of this entailed seeing myself talk on a very large screen. I have no idea what I was talking about, because I couldn't stop looking at my teeth. They had reached Keith Richard levels. I understand that Keith can maintain himself looking like he does, but who can afford the kind of drugs he must be taking on a teacher salary?

I'm now aiming to have teeth as white as my dog Toby. This is a tall order, but I'm getting closer.

I stayed up to watch the Democratic debate last night. I thought Kamala Harris made Joe Biden look ridiculous. It was pathetic to watch him invoke the name Obama to somehow rationalize the idiotic remarks he'd made about his buddies, the segregationists. She also cornered him into saying he opposed this kind of busing, as opposed to that kind of busing. I would love to see Donald Trump try to debate her.

My long-term fave, Bernie Sanders, failed to lay a glove on Biden for most of the night. This is his style, his MO, and it looked good when he was running against Hillary Clinton. When there are 200 others on the stage, he needs to take another approach. His closing lines were the best of the evening, when he said if you didn't push for change, you'd get the same thing. I see that as either Democrats who do nothing to advance the will of the people, or more Trump.

That's unacceptable.

But Bernie failed to win the evening. It's ironic that his power is felt all over the stage, as every single candidate is discussing his priorities--universal health care, climate change, and free college. I am not impressed by Mayor Pete, who channeled Hillary Clinton by saying we couldn't have free college because rich people might use it. First, as long as Harvard and Yale are around, GW Bush's kids aren't going to Queens College. Second, we don't exclude rich people from public schools, They exclude themselves, which is terrible. Countries where everyone goes to public schools have better results than we do.

Kamala looks unstoppable. If she doesn't get the nomination, it's hard to imagine anyone overlooking her for VP. If Biden stumbles through and wins the nomination, he will desperately need her. America desperately needs to wake up and see he is not the guy. He isn't Obama. Even if he were, Obama was so awful on education that I couldn't vote for him the second time around.

I'd vote for Biden against Trump, but I'd vote for my dog against Trump. In fact, the only Democrat I wouldn't vote for against Trump, so far, is Cory Booker, who is Betsy DeVos with a tie. Hickenlooper looks and speaks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, but I can't see him gaining traction.
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