Monday, June 17, 2019

Should We Be Advising Janus People We Are Union?

One of the things Mulgrew discussed at the DA was responding to the vile filthy whores who will be coming to our house to ask us to stop paying dues. He said there are lawn signs and stickers to show you're a union household. I'm not at all sure that's the right approach.

When they come to your door, why not invite them in? I mean, sure, you don't want to have vile filthy whores sitting on your nice furniture, because who even knows where they've been? But maybe you can get one of those plastic covers and make them sit over it. I mean, then whatever is crawling on them won't get on your couch.

My girlfriend in high school had a mom who was a compulsive cleaner. She placed those plastic things on all the furniture and they'd crunch when you'd sit down. It wasn't comfortable, but it's not our job to grant comfort to anti-union parasites. Let them crunch. After they leave, you could burn the plastic slipcovers. I mean, a lot of people object to the smell of burning plastic, but you can always point to the fact that no human will ever have to come into contact with the material that touched the scab union-busting piece of crap touched.

Anyway, if you invite them in, have them explain their positions. in excruciating detail. Have them tell you how you can retain union representation and simply have your brothers and sisters pay for it while you contribute nothing. Have them tell you how you'll be a working-class hero and how you'll be a great example for your children. Perhaps your children will grow up to be self-centered, self-important, egotistical windbags who care about no one but themselves. They can contribute nothing and take everything. Maybe they'll grow up and become President of the United States. After all, that's  the current model.

Offer them a cup of coffee. You need not poison it if that sort of thing bothers you. Plus, when your neighbors complain about the burning plastic you can tell them, "Yes, I'm burning plastic, but I'm a nice person. After all, when some union-busting pieces of crap darkened my doorstep, I didn't even poison them." Once they see what a nice person you are, they'll respect you. (Or perhaps they'll fear you, which often works equally well.)

Let them talk for two hours, instead of visiting other union members to spread their unspeakable repulsive anti-human nonsense. The more time they spend with you, the less they'll have to spew their toxic bile on others who might be more impressionable. And if everyone does this, they'll have a lot less time to talk to people less informed than you are.

So here's my advice to union leadership--Instead of giving out signs that proclaim we support union, make plastic furniture covers available. Perhaps we could use old tarps or something. We could tell them we're painting soon.

Another possibility might be to offer the lowlife scumbags a dollar an hour more than the minimum wage they're getting for performing this execrable act. After all, people who've sold out humanity for such a low price will surely do whatever for an extra buck. After all, money is money, and if that's all you value, you'll do what it takes to have more.

Maybe the anti-union whore scabs can supervise the burning of plastic furniture covers. Sure, it's disgusting malodorous work, but that's what they signed up for, and now they'll make an extra buck an hour. Maybe that extra buck is a better use of union money than advising them in advance their time is wasted with us.
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