Wednesday, July 04, 2018

On Independence Day

It's Independence day. I'm a little worried because I have a new dog this year, and I have no idea how he's gonna respond to all the noise. I'm heartened because last night there were some firecrackers, he looked around, barked a little, and then went to sleep. He's a good little sleeper.

A long time ago, we declared ourselves independent of the British. We were tired of taxation without representation. This year, our President is someone who got three million fewer votes than his opponent. He urged the scumbags in the Senate to delay the Supreme Court nomination in Obama's last year in office, and he succeeded. As a result, I'll be doing not only what I always do, but also signing up new teachers for  UFT.  Thanks for the extra work, President Trump.

Speaking of President Trump, I think it's time to declare our independence of him and his toxic policies. It's particularly disgusting that my students have to fear coming to school. His stormtroopers in ICE could be anywhere. Who knows how many of my potential students, and yours, don't come to school at all because they're afraid to be out?

There are some good signs. I'm really happy about newly minted rockstar Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. There's nothing quite like seeing someone young and brilliant speaking truth to bullshit and finally being appreciated for it. Maybe this is the year we'll declare our independence from bad ideas, like a health care system designed to produce profit rather than health.

Maybe this is the year we'll declare ourselves independent of the notion that people should work for wages they can't live on. I mean, it's great that the guy who owns the McDonald's franchise near you can find people to make burgers for minimum wage. Not so great is that the McDonald's burger chef has to leave that job and go work at Target to make ends meet, that his wife does the same, and that their kids rarely if ever see them. Fortunately, if there are issues with the kids, we can always blame the public school teachers.

Maybe this is the year we'll finally realize it makes sense to make college affordable for everyone, even that couple that works at fast food places. Maybe we'll have a country in which their children will have better opportunities. Don't we want to leave this place a little better for those who follow us? Don't we want a better place for our children and students?

I'm encouraged by a Paul Krugman column saying that so-called radical Democrats are pretty reasonable. What do these radicals want? Well, they want health care for all, a living wage, and affordable college. This is progress for Krugman, because when Hillary was running against Bernie, he portrayed Bernie as a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic for wanting these things. Lots of people agreed with Krugman, for reasons that eluded me utterly, and what we ended up with was President Donald Trump.

It's pretty pathetic that our President is a bad joke, but the joke's on us. This President is happy to see our middle class slide into the ocean, as long as it doesn't wash up on Mar a Lago. Let's make sure he gets to hang out there with all his rich BFFs, and more importantly, that he leaves us the hell alone.

Have a great 4th, and don't forget to vote.
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