Saturday, June 02, 2018

Watching the River Flow

Toby gets philosophical this time of year. I'm only learning that now because this time last year he was somewhere in Puerto Rico. But it's a long walk from my house to the end of the pier on Freeport's Nautical Mile and it's super hot today. Toby's usually a good little walker but today he'd had it.

I have this little combo water bottle and bowl, and after he drank what he wanted, he just wanted to sit and look at the water. It was kind of peaceful except we overheard some band in the park playing Pink Floyd songs. I never liked Pink Floyd playing their own songs, so listening to some band cover them wasn't my cup of tea either.

Today the Nautical Mile is closed off to car traffic. Every year there is some kind of festival, and it pretty much gets worse each year. It used to be a very big thing, and restaurants would sell food on the street. Almost none of them do that anymore.

The best part of the festival was the fish store which sold whole lobsters. They stopped doing that last year, and this year they didn't put out anything at all. There's some guy running for Assembly or something with these handouts that tell you how great he is but don't identify which party he's running with. Whichever one it is he must be ashamed of it, so if I remember his name on election day I'm not voting for him.

The most exciting part of the day was when a cop stopped Toby and me. He told me I wasn't allowed to walk my dog on the street during the festival. I told him I walked my dog on this street several times a day every day. I pointed to a woman a block away walking her dog. He said he was supposed to tell people not to walk their dogs on the street. I told him that I lived here, that Toby lived here, and that if he wanted to get rid of someone, he ought to start with all the people who don't live here. Then we kept walking. I thought he might arrest us for our horrible crimes, but he opted not to.

When we were in front of our house, there was a huge noise and some guy said, "Watch your back." Five guys with motorcycles were behind me riding on the sidewalk. I kept thinking about the cop bothering Toby and me when all we were doing was walking down the street. Why are these guys endangering pedestrians and dogs OK while we are criminals?

I'll bet Toby knows the answer. But he's not talking right now.
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