Thursday, June 14, 2018

Another Day, Yet Another Abusive Administrator

Lots of us wonder exactly what administrators have to do to face consequences. As a chapter leader, I'm well aware of everything that happens to UFT members, but I have little to no idea what happens to administrators, if anything. Actually, it's none of my business. I only know what people tell me and what I read in the papers.

Given that, all I can say is holy crap, administrators are getting away with murder. I sit at Executive Board and marvel that people who are so narrow-minded and hostile can advance. It's an odd system. I always think that people who want to "get out of the classroom" are not only the worst teachers, but also the worst leaders of teachers. (I understand a little better the need to make more money.)

Then you read stuff like this, and you think, "How do these people end up in these positions?" You wonder how they get away with so much crap for so long. Here's an assistant principal accused of sleeping with four teachers and up to four students. Who knows how long people knew about this, and how would they not? Evidently it didn't become an issue until someone brought a $2 million lawsuit against the city.

This is important, I guess. The alleged actions, not so much. After all, Mayor Bill de Blasio says this stuff is all blown out of proportion, and that 98% of sexual harassment complaints at his DOE stem from a "hyper-complaint dynamic." I don't know exactly who gets paid 200K a year to sit around and dream up phrases like that, but you have to admit that it beats working.

This notwithstanding, it reflects pretty poorly on the mayor that he doesn't listen to ideas like these, say, "What are you, out of your mind?" and throw the overpaid morons who say this stuff out of his office. What this phrase does is stereotype 80,000 working teachers as a bunch of whining windbags. So what if your boss propositioned you? Why the hell can't you just laugh it off and get with the program?

Actually, in the case of this particular administrator, it's not merely the sexual harassment, but other elements as well.

In 2016, the suit states, “Morrison was caught creating fake online classes and passing 172 students in the fake classes in order to boost the graduation rates of the school.”

The Education Department found the accusations were substantiated, and he received counseling, the department said.

Wow. This is what you call a renaissance administrator. Not only is this person said to be fluent in the sexual harassment that fuels the "hyper-complaint dynamic," but he's also been found guilty of education fraud. What's the result? Counseling. Don't create fraudulent online classes and pass scores of kids to make yourself look better because it's, you know, bad.

I'm trying to imagine what would happen to me, a lowly teacher, if I got caught committing fraud. Somehow I'm thinking reassignment and 3020a.

It's funny because you read the papers, you hear about all the teachers who can't be fired, This one was accused of that, and that one was accused of this. How can the city continue to hire people accused of this or that? It's a horror, enough to motivate failed journalist Campbell Brown to splash it all over the papers, before finding a better-paying gig over at Facebook.

Yet when administrators are not only accused of misconduct, but also convicted of it, they continue on their merry way, get in more trouble, and don't get removed until taxpayers shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to bail them out. Then they sit in cushy offices and twiddle their thumbs, for full salary.

Nice work if you can get it.
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