Monday, March 26, 2018

UFT Executive Board March 26, 2018--ATR Teachers Don't Need to Choose Representation

6:02 PM—Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us.


—PS 433—Educator 24 years, never thought she’d be subject to humiliation and career damage caused by ATR. 3 different schools this year, hadn’t been supported. Had one supportive one but was removed. Was targeted, told I was their teacher in six weeks. Need time to build trust with children. Asked for support, names of deans or counselors, was told to move kids.

Was very tough to educate children without support. ATRs afraid to speak out. Each new school is starting again. DR warned me against principal. 5 resignations this year to date. Many afraid to speak out. I shouldn’t be in ATR. Sad that people with less experience go to Leadership Academy and become admin.

Need more meetings to improve this. 

Peter Zucker—ATR for three years, district 7. Had issues, Mike Sill, Amy Arundell have helped. Only so much they can do. Crapshoot what kind of CL I will get. We need a functional chapter. In lieu of that, we need more than just one meeting a year. Great Mike Sill comes to borough offices in October, but we should have monthly meetings. Why not see what could be done in borough offices. We could have a liaison in each office, or have ATR organize in each borough. Wants EB to support resolution.

Would like ATRs fully represented. Shouldn’t have to vote for CL in school I’m in one week.

Anne Locer—HS teacher 14 years, was CL at Lehman. Landed in place I feel comfortable. Some systems DOE has in place are not good. Was contract survey—do we need to strengthen language on safety and students—-yes. Hope we can increase investment in social workers and guidance. We need counselor caps. We need comp time positions and PD. AT Lehman I defended potential ATRs. Being in closing school draining.

Police routinely walked through buildings with weapons. Had no school ID, police gave summons for trespassing in own school. Court date was for his Regents exam.  If we can increase counselors we can do right by people. Should get cops out of schools.

Untenured teacher
—Teaching for 4 years. Teachers have so many responsibilities we are held strictly accountable for. School cut tutoring. Our SESIS hours are illegally cut. Teachers with extra curricular activities get paid for only half time they actually spend. Directive to have courageous conversations, I support but we are being held accountable for things about which we get no support. Upsets me to get developing for not having conversation without training or adequate time. Many of my colleagues were afraid to come.

—Please come. We want to hear from you. Have sent out surveys, compiling info. EB members are on committee.

Eric Mears had a statement about Danielson. Emailed him. Many concerns about 4D and 4F, not used in NYC. As for 4E—teacher listens but isn’t sure recommendations apply—This is possible but poor example. It’s about teacher openness to feedback. Have not seen this interpreted this way.

4E based only on what is observed. We would file APPR complaint for this.

Mulgrew is here—6:19


President’s report—Michael Mulgrew

First time in few years, state budget will be on time, perhaps tonight will be printed. Looks like it will be simple. Trying to get to billion for education increase. Policy doesn’t look like problem. Assembly works with us. Senate works with charters. Remember when election time comes why we do what we do.

Last week headlines about Pres. veto of bill he signed. Schumer pulled off miracle with education. Com learning, PD, Special ed got increased. Thanked him yesterday. Invited him to spring conference. Bad few weeks for Betsy, 60 Minutes and budget failures. Didn’t know she couldn’t change work rules for unionized employees. Called it collective bargaining, but was her by herself in a room. Was no agreement.

Thanks everyone for training, political activity, marches. Great to see so many from NY, thanks Janella for leading in Central Park. Great functional chapter weekend.

Don’t want to be in defensive posture because of Janus. Thanks borough reps, membership teams, says training and communication going on. Will be new UFT app and card. Model enemies want to use is freedom foundation, successful union busting operation Canvass, door knock, mailings, paid media. In NY will be Empire Center funded by Koch Bros. Plans on how to hurt us, advertise to get money from foundations.

Important our members know about these groups. We have to get them to understand first. We have to continue our work. New chancellor coming April 2. What is he walking into? Will be interesting transition. Happy he isn’t from DOE/ Frankenstein’s Castle. Things tense between us. We have to make sure he treats us respectfully and cleans out the DOE.

We will analyze and send out budget things. Wishes us great last break of year. Only one snow day in next year’s calendar. Up to us to beat Janus advocates.

LeRoy Barr
—Had walk last weekend, here and in DC, thanks Janella. Functional CL weekend, and Men in Education forum. Women’s HERstory last Sunday, celebrated UFT women. 4/13 HS Awards 5:30 5/5 5K run.


Mike SchirtzerMORE—Update on parental leave?

Schoor—No movement yet worth discussing.

—PBA asked for health care givebacks. Should we be concerned.

—Yes. City workers have same health plans. City looking for savings. There are committees looking at it. All unions negotiate as one for health care. Vote weighted. DC37 and UFT are largest. City spends 6 billion a year for health. Hopes police go first.

KJ Ahluwalia
New Action--Food step in right direction. People talking about it, smelling it. Let’s try different every time. Today’s open mike focuses on ATRs Current number? Keys addressed? Is there a mechanism in case new meetings are necessary.

Schoor—We will take it under advisement.

Mike Sill—Don’t have update, will ask. Spoke to DOE about keys. Looking at many aspects of safety. Definitely want ATR and keys to be part of it. Problem is different key schemes. Some have one master, some are all different keys. Problem is logistics.

—Safely important, we can talk on contract committee.

Report from Districts

Mike Schirtzer
MORE—Thanks to Brooklyn office for letting me into maternity workshop. Fiancee expecting. Very helpful, pushed parental leave and pins.

Rashad Brown—Wed. DA accepting prom donations.

Stering Roberson—March 13-18 Bonnie Sepulveda represented us in DR for lead free children. Feedback was great.

Deborah Penney—Pension dept. busy. Queens 400 people attended pension clinic, had to do second to accommodate. Had BURRS meeting, will be in every borough.

Janella Hinds—HERstory—thanks students from Queens Vocational HS. Provided spa services. Thanks all who attended. Women are 80% of this union.

Rich Mantel—May 5, 5K for Cinco de Mayo. MCU Park. Raise money for disaster relief. Wed, at DA collecting for disaster relief. We will have middle school anti-bullying conference, May 10.

George Altomare—Social studies conference, April 21. Urges attendance.

Tammy Muller—Thanks Mulgrew, Barr, Goldman, attorneys for securing family child care provider contract.

Paul Egan—No soccer from Chelsea. Ireland lost to Turkey. Lost to Afghanistan in Cricket.

Moment of silence for colleague, Judy Hall. Thanks everyone for last week in Albany, over 1,000 people.

NYU update—Anne Goldman—ontime contract at NYU Brooklyn. Next step is having members move forward. Can be intimidating to new grads in hospital. Have given strong and clear message. Enforcement important. 91 grievances in two months. If we don’t have framework, patients suffer. Movement not as quick as we would like. Multiple staff being added, and we have won many positions. Will give courage to those we represent.

Now a felony to attack or hurt a nurse. Patient tried to hang nurse on IV pole. Was saved by other nurses. After 25 court dates, sentencing May 4th. We will be there in support.

Resolution on Puerto Rico Education

Carmen Alvarez
—In PR, still serious issues. Unions have helped with generators and water, but social fabric under attack. We still have over 300 schools that face closure. Impacts all positions. Many have gone to Florida or Houston. Supporting AMPR on and off island. Charters want to take over public schools. We will advance our shared values. Urges passage.

Passes unanimously.

Arthur Goldstein
MORE—It’s pretty tough to be in the Absent Teacher Reserve. You have to go from school to school and you’re unable to make long term connections with either students or colleagues. We’re now telling them they can vote for chapter leaders and delegates who will, in all likelihood, not represent them in September.

That’s absurd. I understand the rationale that the ATR is a temporary thing, and I have been hearing that since 2005. I certainly hope it’s temporary, and bearing that in mind, this resolution suggests we eliminate the chapter as soon as we eliminate the ATR. It is, therefore, a win-win. I urge you to vote for this resolution and empower our brothers and sisters in the Absent Teacher Reserve.

Dolores Sozopony—Been on for years. If I recall, we brought this issue up several times. Was brought up three years ago. I understand and feel it but they have representation from the CL of whatever school they are in. Ask vote against.

Eliu Lara
—To create functional chapter is too agree we want ATR forever. Idea is to reduce that. No doubt that any ATR who needs representation will have it, at least in the Bronx. We don’t need this functional chapter because they are represented.

Stuart Kaplan
—Opposes. When I first started in 2003, I was an ATR. First person I met was CL, who was my CL. Taught me I should treat ATRs same way I would treat any other member. Should think of training CLs to have respect for ATRs that they deserve. I’ve had an ATR In my school for three months. Always left feeling like they were part of the family.

KJ Ahluwalia
New Action--People presume I was an ATR. I wasn’t. I was in a closing school. Supposed to be temporary, but around for 13 years. It’s ideal we treat all members with same respect, but it’s not happening. Why not ask 800-900 ATRs what they need. If they think they need it they should have right.

Fails on party lines.

We are adjourned.
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