Monday, November 06, 2017

Executive Board November 6th--3,000 U Ratings Magically Become 2,000 U Ratings

Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us.

Speaker—Norm Scott—Speaks about NY Knicks and NY Jets.

Says he was first speaker here 15 years ago, spoke of abusive principals. Asked to defend chapter leaders, they opposed it in 1999. Every week we come here, and there are still abusive principals.

Spoke against principal tenure, was voted down. Sandy Feldman loved it, but said politically it was untenable. At that time they were willing to put something in paper, and had regular features about them. Last week Tottenville High School was here. Principal sounded like the Mooch.

Last year we got rid of two principals, CPE1 and Harris, where parents and students rose up. That’s what got those people out. Union had nothing to do with 50 people who came up, when CL was pulled, and when delegate was pulled.

What about teachers who don’t have 50 parents coming? We could rouse the 50 parents if we wanted to. State of fear exists in many schools because you won’t go public. Maybe there’s an arrangement with CSA. Union won’t step on too many toes.

And now we hear, from union, that teachers have to be held accountable. We need same for principals. We have almost zero say, despite committee, on how administrators are chosen. We need to hold them really accountable to parents and teachers at schools. They used to have fear of union.

When are you, leadership, going to be accountable? You say the DR is wonderful, when teachers say otherwise. You don’t hold principals or yourselves accountable, yet you say teachers should be observed 4 times a year instead of two.

Let’s see everyone accountable.

Schoor responds they are accountable every three years.


Mulgrew Is not here.

LeRoy Barr—Tomorrow is election day. Let’s keep the tide going. We believe we will win tomorrow. See you at polls. DA Wednesday. Will be celebration for Bob Ostrowsky. Bronx parent conference Nov. 18. Next EB Nov. 20.

Jeff Povalitus—School Safety—Last Wed. turned corner with incident on W. Side Highway. If it weren’t for police in Stuyvesant it would have been a lot worse. Pay attention to protocols. Staff must be aware. Shelter in is important. Lockdowns are important.

Shelter in and grand larcenies are big problems. Can’t take things for granted. Secure your belongings. We had one today $1000.

Overall incidents are up. Biggest is reckless endangerment. When teachers, deans, school aides break up fights. Teachers get hit. Last time were 700 incidents, this year 852. Tells us members don’t report enough. Only ones that report are victims. Important for teachers to report, gives us a pulse. Report everything.

I’m in schools 3, 4 days a week. Lots of anger on streets and in schools.  Not like when we grew up. Kids are out 2-3 in the morning, go in with little or no sleep. Schools mirror communities. No one wants to talk about what takes place—gang involvement and recruitment. From lack of structure in home.

We try to address things every day, we put out fires. I am accessible, will visit schools. Kids need as much support as possible. They are not necessarily getting it.

Jonathan HalabiNew Action—What training do we hold for schools.

Povalitus—We have a training tomorrow. We also have one safety liaison per borough. We try to get members to report. People don’t, but if you see something, say something.


Schoor—(in response to part of my question last week as to which year there were 3,000 U-ratings, among other things) offers these figures 2010—11 2017 U ratings   2011-12—2006   2005-6—981 ratings.

Ashraya GuptaMORE—Excited about door knocking. What other avenues can we use to reach out?

Paul Egan—Trying to have conversations. One way is going to homes. We will develop a much more abridged workplace conversation with AFT. Will train people at workplace.

Marcus McArthurMORE—Any large demonstrations or coordinated acts leading up to Janus?  What will we do before that happens? How do we show that right to work is something we won’t tolerate?

Schoor— President sent email on paid parental leave. May do demonstration for that. Depends on decision

Adam ?—Opt in or opt out, or will all agency fee be revoked?

Schoor—Right now you have to opt out. Court may eliminate that, or more likely will eliminate right to deduct agency fee.

McArthur—Is anything proactive being planned from national labor movement?

Janella Hinds—AFL CIO resolved against Janus, for public ed and need for organizing. They say it’s important to show labor’s force. We expect national demonstrations—being planned, not just public sector. 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination—we will talk about his role as labor leader.

Reports from Districts—

?—AFT Latino Caucus event. Proceeds will buy in home purifiers. We need help, will unite us.

Evelyn de Jesus—Sept 20 hurricane hit. 47 days later people don’t have water. We have 3 centers, feeding 700-1000 per day. We have a group looking at water filters. Goal to get them to villages. For $2000, they can bathe and drink water for a month. People dying. 900 unofficial burning bodies. People drinking bad water. We want to help children who have PTSD. We need to bring water to children and families.

Janella Hinds—You heard about impact of Oct. 31 attack. Solidarity shown among adults. Could have walked into horror. Many UFT members and others kept children safe and in building until 7 PM. Investigations being conducted there now. Important to acknowledge leaders in that building, including CL. Thanks to all who visited next day and provided support. Some of them experienced 9/11 and remembered.

Carmen Alvarez—2 aides in bus were injured. DR was in building, made sure all were taken care of.

Mindy Bordnemann—knows Stuyvesant was in news, but surrounding schools also had teachers and kids in school until 7. Kept kids calm, did great job.

George Altomare—Professional aspect of members’ lives continued while that happened. Had workshops two Saturdays. Has posters for 37 years of conferences.

Legislative report—Paul Egan—Football talk—100 years ago today women got right to vote. We haven’t come far, because less that 25% of our legislature is made of women, who are 51%. People don’t vote. People died for right to vote. Tomorrow, make sure you get out and get everyone else out.

There are other elections beside Con Con. City council, mayor public advocate up. I’m not confident of anything, given last year. Don’t take positive polls for granted.

We will be fighting on federal level, where President pays off friends on the backs of teachers. More concerned about taking away $250 tax deduction to give it to billionaire friends. This fight will be national.

Please vote.

Resolution to support DNA Info and Gothamist

Janella Hinds—All employees terminated, clear attack on NYC employees who chose to organize. Provided local news in cities, and lost jobs. Lost access to their writing, ability to share what is happening in cities. We went to city hall and protested today. Asks for support.

Passes unanimously

We are adjourned.
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