Saturday, August 05, 2017

Added Later

That's what Trump's toadie Stephen Miller said about the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty, while pushing a plan to reduce immigration. So screw your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Wretched refuse? Don't even think about it.

It was added later, so it doesn't count. Never mind that France created the statue and Americans added it later. By Trump standards, anything added later doesn't count. Things are the way they are, and they need to stay that way forever.

When the United States began, slavery was legal. Personally, I'm horrified by the notion of slavery. And given the prison system, if you've seen the documentary 13th, you could argue it's not completely abolished yet. But hey, what's to stop Trump's thugs from getting up and saying they were re-instituting it? They could use the same argument--abolition was added later.

And what about women? You may have heard that they can vote these days, but that wasn't always the case. That's another one of those amendment thingies, and it wasn't in effect until 1920. Modern day right-wingers seem hellbent on erasing the twentieth century, so why not just take away that right? For one thing, women tend not to vote in great enough numbers for Orange Is the New President. And for another, it was added later. Trumpies have already established that as an argument, so why not trot it out again?

Let's take a look at this free speech stuff. That comes out of that First Amendment, and as we all know, being an amendment, it was also added later. So hey, banning Muslims? That's fine because there's no freedom of religion. And we just bankrupted Gawker, for the offense of reporting on the sex life of Hulk Hogan, so maybe reporters will just shut up and mind their own business so as not to offend Orange Man and his BFFs anyway. But hey, it's added later.

Let's take a look at labor unions. (Full disclosure--I'm in one.) There weren't any around when we started this country. It was, "No Irish Need Apply," and, "If You Don't Come in Sunday, Don't Come in Monday." There was not 40-hour week. There were no holidays. There was no overtime. There were no health benefits. There were no contracts, or grievance procedures, or bathroom breaks. Those things were all added later. And with Trump's Supreme Court, it looks like we're gonna make the whole country "Right to Work," pushing union back a few decades right away.

You know, this added later argument is pretty compelling. You can pretty much use it to roll back any and all progress. And that, my friends, as much as anything, epitomizes the Trumpie plan to Make America Great Again. Stop being snowflakes. Forget about all those frivolous rights people have fought and died for. If you want privilege, have the foresight to be born into it, like Donald Trump was.

Otherwise, stop your whining.
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