Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Saint Rudy Digs a Hole

Wouldn't you rather have a genius for President than a woman, asks Rudy Giuliani. This comes after a few days of outrageous statements, including an assertion that everybody cheats on their spouse. You see, to Rudy, it's no one's business what happens in your personal life. Unless, of course, it gets in the way of your personal convenience. That's why, back when he was NY Mayor, Rudy sued for the right to bring his mistress into the home he shared with his wife and young children.

Meanwhile, the man Rudy says all this crap for, Donald Trump, openly ridicules Hillary Clinton for staying with Bill after his various escapades. Not only that, but Trump speculates that Hillary wasn't faithful to Bill either. Why should she be, he asks. Now there's part of this that these guys aren't wrong about. Why should Hillary be faithful to Bill? I don't know. I don't much care either.

That's the point where Rudy is right. I sure don't want to know who or what he's having sex with. The notion of a loathsome creature like that reproducing, or even attempting to, is something I certainly don't wish to contemplate. His best buds Trump and Christie? Maybe I want to know even less.

Rudy used to have to pretend to be moderate on social issues, as did Trump. Or maybe they actually are moderate on social issues and are lying now. It's hard to say. But now Trump's all for allowing discrimination against the LGBT community because, I can only suppose, you don't land the GOP vote without it. It isn't enough to just vilify Mexicans and Muslims when you're aiming for that particular demographic.

Both of these guys paint a very different picture when they're looking for support outside of New York. I guess New York can take it as a point of pride that when people run here they behave differently than when they're trying to sell themselves to the country at large. Prejudice and hatred don't sell quite as effectively in our neck of the woods.

I've got a lot of reservations about Hillary, but at this point I will probably vote for her. For one thing, it's much different choosing her against Donald Trump than against Bernie Sanders. I was very proud to vote for Bernie, and quite disappointed that the media presented him as a loser even when he was winning.

But there are two reasons I'm choosing her now over Jill Stein, for whom I voted four years ago. For one thing, I gave Barack Obama a chance eight years ago. He kind of broke my heart by selecting slimy little worms like Arne Duncan and John King to run education, or do the bidding of Gates, Walton, and their merry band of billionaire hedge funders. In fact I voted for Hillary in the primary against Obama. I guess I have to give her a chance.

More persuasive, though, was a message from activist Fred Klonsky, Fred says even if you reside in a reliably blue state, like his Illinois or our New York, that it's important to send a strong message rejecting the likes of Trump and Giuliani. The hatred, misogyny and bigotry that they represent must be repudiated as strongly as possible. If I can contribute some small piece of rejection, I'm gonna do it.

Hillary will owe us big time as far as I'm concerned.
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