Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Boy Wonder Writes a File Letter

Another grievance. This wasn't right, that wasn't right, blah, blah, blah. When I was a teacher I never filed a grievance. I just did whatever the hell I could to look good, and in two years I moved out of that crappy classroom, not that I ever wanted to be there anyway.
Look at this. Oh man this sucks. How the hell can anyone put up with this crap? That bastard Chapter Leader got Walsh's letter removed to his file just because it wasn't a file letter! What the hell is up with that? He was all, "Oh, they have to write a Counseling Memo, and oh, the teacher has to sign and say I understand a copy of this is going to my file." What a bunch of crap. I can do whatever I want!

Give me a break. Who the hell needs to write Counseling Memos, with all that extra gobbledygook on the bottom? Do they think I have time to search for that template instead of just using a blank one? Don't they know I have observations to do? What, do they want me to use this template instead of that template? I tell you, in the small schools they don't have these stinking Chapter Leaders to say do this and don't do that. 

It was just an oversight. Just a little note to let Walsh know what an asshole he was for leaving the voluntary mandatory meeting five minutes early. How the hell am I supposed to run a voluntary mandatory meeting when people think they can leave five minutes early? There's a lot of important stuff going on at those meetings, and if they don't do those things I will have to do them myself. And I'm busy!

In fact, right now I could really go for one of those Italian heroes. They call them The Godfather and it's on this amazing semolina bread. They put mortadella on those things, but I tell you, to me it tastes like bologna. Not that it's a bad thing. But what the hell is really the difference other than the big slices with that funny looking stuff in them?

Anyway, I just checked a bulletin board he put up and there's no rubric on it. Who the hell wants to look at a bulletin board without a rubric? How are we supposed to impress the superintendent if there aren't rubrics all over everything? I will show that bastard. I'm writing a file letter now. I'll have a meeting with him, listen to whatever crap they have to say, date the thing after the meeting and put it in his damn file.

I know, they're gonna be all blah, blah, blah, it's no big deal. Walsh is a big hero, and the newspapers wrote about him. Well I don't care. I will get that son of a bitch one way or another. As soon as all the hooplah dies down I will rate his sorry ass ineffective again. Meanwhile, I'll write this letter, staple the old one to it, and then they will both be in his file. I'll say it's all about his attitude. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Let Chapter Leader blather on about progressive discipline and whatever crap there is in the contract. It's all the same to me. "This is what I choose to do," I'll say. Maybe I'll say, "with all due respect" first. It always sounds better when you say "with all due respect,"not that I give a flying hoot what it sounds like.

What does it feel like to mess with me and have it blow up in your face? You will know, Walsh, and no stinking Chapter Leader is gonna get in my way. It's like in my favorite song:

We hope Neil Young will remember Southern men don't need him around anyhow.

This will teach them to mess with folks from the South Shore of Long Island. We don't stand for that kind of guff from losers who can't make it past school teacher.
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