Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Obama Does Something Good

I'm not Obama's biggest fan, and I didn't even vote for him the second time he ran. His education record is abysmal. But he's right about guns. How anyone can oppose background checks for people wanting to buy firearms is simply unfathomable.

Of course the Republicans hate everything Barack Obama does. That, I suspect, is why there's so much right wing opposition to his miserable and baseless education program. When GW Bush was in charge the GOP loved every stupid idea he had. They embraced every ridiculous idea he championed, including the notion that every child would be perfect by 2014 or schools would pay. But when Obama came out with Race to the Top, which was just as stupid, they said the Fed ought not to meddle in education.

I used to be horrified when GOP politicians said they wanted to abolish the Department of Education. Now, after years of Arne Duncan, and after Barack Obama found someone even worse in the form of Reformy John King, I'd be happy to see them blow the whole place up and salt the ground so nothing could ever grow there again. John King has no problem sending his kid to schools that don't use the crappy programs he imposes on our kids. Barack Obama has no problem doing the same. If these programs are so state of the art, why aren't they good enough for their children?

Nonetheless, Obama did a good thing by imposing rules on the lunatic gun lobby. It's outrageous and unconscionable that the GOP presidential hopefuls can oppose such common sense rules. Will Obama's order solve our gun problem? Of course not. But if even one fewer lunatic gets his hands on a firearm, if one fewer person dies, if there's one fewer mass shooting, it will be worth it.

Marco Rubio can stand up in front of God and everybody and say that released felons cannot vote, but have every right to buy guns. For the life of me, I can't figure out why someone who's unfit to select a leader is fit to carry around a firearm. But I'm not privy to the workings of the GOP mindset.

Sometimes it's good when Democrats are Democrats. Sadly, for working people, those times are few and far between. One thing that caused me to vote for Obama the first time was his support of the Employee Free Choice Act. That would've made it easier for working people to join unions. But alas, not only did he not help it pass, but as far as I can tell, he never pushed for it to come up for a vote.

I can't understand how anyone can reasonably oppose Obama's executive action on firearms. From what I read, 90% of the American public support this. It's obscene that the NRA and the gun lobby can supersede the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans, but that's where we are in the USA in 2016.
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