Tuesday, December 01, 2015

It's About Time

That's my new watch on the right, the black one. I bought it from Groupon for 39 bucks. I'm really fond of watches and I have a few I really like. I have a Seiko Mickey Mouse watch that kids always comment on, but I only wear that once in a while. I have pretty conservative looking watches for the most part.

A few weeks back, I bought an Apple Watch for 400 bucks. It seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, with the watch attached to my phone it would always give me the correct time, as opposed to my analog watch which I may or may not have set right.

I wore it for one day, but it looked like a digital watch I might have bought for 12 bucks in 1978. It was really a crappy-looking thing for something that came from Apple. It had a cheap plastic band and really reminded me of something I see in a 25 cent gumball-like machine in our local Chinese takeout. It was good maybe for washing the dishes, but beyond that I couldn't see myself wearing it for you know, work and stuff.

When I brought it back to the Apple Store, the guy showed me his Apple Watch. It looked identical to mine but his cost 600 bucks, minus whatever discount he got for working in the place. I told him, all due respect, but I couldn't see the difference. He showed me one in the display case that had a metal band. He said that was really the one he wanted, but it cost a thousand bucks and he couldn't afford it. So for a watchband that didn't look like total crap, Apple wanted 400 bucks extra. I did a Google search and found aftermarket metal watchbands that looked better than Apple's for under 30 bucks.

But I had had it with the Apple Watch, even though I love their products, including the MacBook Air I'm using right now. When I saw this for 39 bucks, I figured I'd better take a chance. It's really growing on me. It alerts me to calls, texts and email in that little message window on the bottom. I push a button and it shows me the time according to my iPhone. It also tells me the date and gives me a weather forecast. Every time I get in the car it tells me how long it will take me to get either home or to NYC. And it can alert you to all sorts of other stuff if you ask it to.

Best of all, it's called a Martian. That's particularly apt if you're wearing the red one. It doesn't look quite as good as some other watches I have, but it's very practical. I don't own stock in this company or anything, but it's a really cool tool for someone running around doing 50 things at once. You know, like a teacher or something. It works with Android phones too, they say. And it evidently does other things I haven't figured out too.

I'm gonna stick with it for a while. If you don't feel like shelling out 400 bucks and up for an Apple thing that looks like crap, I highly recommend it.
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