Tuesday, October 06, 2015

It Could Always Have Been Worse!

You might have been surprised to see former N.Y. State Ed. Commissioner, John King, promoted to U.S. Secretary of Education.

You might marvel how ed. "reform" can so brazenly be forged ahead against the will of the people, or "special interests," as King would have it.  You might marvel how "reformers" never seem to stomach their own "reforms" for their own children.  King's kids have attended a Montessori school, minus all the standardized testing he promotes for other people's children.  You might marvel how ed. "reformers" can fail in one venue, only to be promoted to even greater heights elsewhere.  Witness MaryEllen Elia, recently all but booted out of Hillsborough, only to be recycled in NY State.  You might marvel how ed. "reformers" learn no lessons from the growing opt-out movement, crystallized so strongly against King in NY State, before his departure.  Now, the lightning rod rules at the national level.

You might find inspiration in the looming battles or you might just rub your eyes out of sheer disbelief.  But, whatever the case, just remember, it could always have been worse!

Exhibit A:  Rhee
Exhibit B:  Moskowitz
Exhibit C:  Walmart
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