Saturday, June 06, 2015

Me and Julio

This is Julio. He's the newest addition to my family. He weighs all of ten pounds, but apparently he's a public menace. I know this because today I took him to the festival on the Freeport Nautical Mile, and a cop stopped me and told me I wasn't allowed to walk a dog on the street.

"Where else are you supposed to walk a dog?" I asked.

But it turns out, according to the cop, if he let Julio walk the mile, he'd have to let every other dog walk it too. So, dejected, Julio and I walked around the block. I saw another guy walking another dog, a really big one, and asked if he'd had any problems.

"I had no problems at all," he said.

I said I was surprised, since my little guy got bounced.

"Well, you're not a cop," he said to me.

"So there's one rule for cops and another for citizens?" I asked.

"That's not what I said," he replied.

"But that's exactly what you described," I said.

After that, the guy walked on the other side of the street and didn't want to talk to me or Julio any more. I turned the next corner and got back on the mile, where I saw several other dogs, and several other cops.

It must be good to just make up any rules you feel like, whenever you feel like it, and enforce them with anyone you feel like.
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