Monday, April 27, 2015

On Using Dreamers to Further the Nightmare of Ed. "Reform"

Teachers have left the profession in droves thanks to the current state of ed. "reform." New recruits are relatively sparse these days.  Some ed. "reformers" have found a sure-fire solution!  It promises to further eat at the heart of unionism.  Teach for America seeks to hire inexperienced illegal immigrants with deferred action status for "two year stints," provided they can show work permits, social security numbers and a minimum college GPA of 2.5.  These people are said to be "extremely resourceful and creative."

The T.F.A., itself, is intensely "resourceful and creative."  This "solution" promises to swell the rapidly dwindling ranks of T.F.A.  Last year, T.F.A. had trouble approaching its recruitment mark, falling short by 25%.  Declines were due in part to increased opportunities elsewhere, the polarizing nature of ed. "reform," itself, and mounting teacher dissatisfaction.

According to one poll, teacher job satisfaction in 2008 stood at 62%.  In four years' time, it fell to 39%.  Perhaps, you've experienced it first hand.  It has been happening across the country.  Have you seen any one of a number of videos with exasperated teachers explaining in utter disgust the reasons behind their resignations?  And how many more leave without a word to anyone except their colleagues and closest friends?  So much for the meddling of self-anointed ed. "reformers," motivated by primarily economic and political interests, in academia!

If your heroes are robber barons, what a great way to take the teaching profession out of the realm of the middle class.  What a great way to use Dreamers who fall under the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals with an opportunity to replace career teachers who will soon be deemed ineffective thanks to ineffective laws.  Not since the early age of U.S. industrialism have we seen such an "extremely resourceful and creative" way to pit one set of workers against another while simultaneously undermining a formerly unionized workforce!  Goodbye, job protections!  Goodbye, Middle Class!
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