Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Sounds of Someone Who Shouldn't Have to Worry About Being College and Career Ready

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Have you ever stopped to just appreciate the sound of a little kid's voice? As long as there's no trouble brewing between siblings, it's the sweetest sound imaginable with its pitch, rhythms and cadences.  Listen to the words.  Some seem brilliant.  Others seem plain silly.  It's a fine line twixt the two at times.

Stop and ask yourself:   Why must "reformers" set their hearts on making little children like these, but not their own, college and career ready?  Why must "reformers" pressure teachers to prep for their own professional life?  Why must "reformers" work so hard to strip away the joys of childhood?  Prepping a little kid for a college (that may prove too expensive for many) or a career (that may prove nonexistent, low-paying or across some border), seems little more than a distraction from the real problems at hand.  What a shame it is at the expense of childhood!

Now that our Commissioner-In-Chief, John King, is going to work for the Commander-In-Chief in D.C., he will have the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.  He will have the opportunity to send his daughters to schools that don't just say they buy into the philosophy of the Core.  He will have the opportunity to send his daughters to schools that actually buy into the high-stakes, assessment-bound Common Core which he so avidly peddles.  Will he become a public-school parent or will he continue to send his kids to a Montessori, or another private equivalent that opts out of all of his junk science?  Will he be a Common-Core parent?  If you already think you know the answer, you are probably right!
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