Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays to All!

Arwen and I wish a happy and healthy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year, Festivus, and whatever it is in your heart to celebrate both this year and next!

We look forward to another year of truth to reforminess, and thank you all for taking time out from your busy lives to read our blog!

This is a photo of us taking a rare moment away from close reading to do a blog planning session. We fully intend to submit this as an artifact so we get Danielson credit for our teacher team. We realize, of course, that the UFT had a brilliant victory last year precluding the use of artifacts, and that this was preceded by the previous year's brilliant victory allowing the use of artifacts.

Both Arwen and I continue to be amazed when our union leadership wins victories for getting things, and then gains equally important victories by losing them.  For example, it was a great victory when we gained the right to have "validators" who would decide whether or not the burden of proof would be on us at 3020a. Doubtless that was much better than having the DOE actually have to prove our incompetence. And it was yet another great victory when we got actual UFT members to call thumbs up or down on us for an extra 15 grand a year, even though the fantastic previous system had never even been tested.  No doubt fired UFT members will say, "Gee, I'm glad it was one of my own who got me fired," and would send the validators Christmas cards if only their identities were not top-secret.

Let's hope for a year of truth. Let's hope for a year when Andrew Cuomo is exposed for the self-serving, self-important, morally bankrupt, rudderless stooge he is. Let's hope scandal rains upon him and his equally odious New Jersey counterpart. Let's hope the papers start reporting truth rather than being megaphones for Moskowitz and her rich reformy BFFs.

Let's wish good health to all our bold supporters, among whom we're proud to count you.

All our best for a great holiday season, and a great 2015!
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