Wednesday, September 03, 2014

We Take the Challenge

We were very lucky yesterday. It was very, very hot, so hot that dumping a bucket of ice water over your head did not seem a bad idea at all. So that's what we did. My daughter challenged me a few weeks ago in Canada and told me I only had 24 hours to reply. I made her wait until the first day of school.

I've made a donation to ALS and I'm sure my friend Samia has too. If you choose to donate, check the box saying that you want all of your donation to go to ALS research. The ice bucket challenge is kind of ridiculous, but it's raised 100 million for ALS so far. I appreciate all things ridiculous if they're for a good cause, as opposed to efforts to fire teachers, for example.

One of our colleagues suffers from ALS, and we hope that we can support her in some small way with not only our donations, but those from elsewhere in our school community. Samia and I would like to also thank Mina, our intrepid videographer and director, who was smart enough to keep her distance while we were doing this.

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