Friday, July 11, 2014

The Myth of the Myth of the Blogger Beast

As the UFT lines up its delegates to march in uniform rows to all vote the Unity line at the AFT convention in Los Angeles, I am sorry to say you probably won't see many Blogger Beasts present.

Yet, amid the foul stenches emitted by modern-day educational "reform," there lurk in cavernous depths, close to the unbearable heat of the Common Core, strange breeds of creatures known to Michael Mulgrew simply as mythological ed. bloggers.

According to Mr. Mulgrew, these Blogger Beasts traffic in myth.  They are not to be trusted.  It is better that you self-censor yourself and never dare to visit their dens, such as this one, or any of those in the right-hand margin of this web page, lest the foundations of your worldview begin to shake.

Blogger Beasts sometimes spew forth venom.  They even question policies supported by the Union, for example:

1.  the "myth" of increasing retiree votes at the expense of drowning out the voices of the active rank and file.

2.  the "myth" of mayoral control of education for the best interests of all

3.  the "myth" that Unity members are discouraged from blogging or from reading most ed. blogs

4.  the "myth" of a loyalty oath tied to powerful purse strings

5.  the "myth" of a million buckaroos accepted from Eli Broad for its UFT charter school and then the pairing with Steve Barr of Green-Dot schools and parent-trigger-law fame

6.  the "myth" of gumming up the works for teachers as well as administrators by supporting 22 domains of evaluation

7.  the AFT "myth" of fighting corporate reformers while accepting millions from them

8.  the AFT-UFT "myth" of supporting anti-Teacher, anti-Union politicians like Malloy in Connecticut and Cuomo in N.Y. state

9.  the "myth" of striking at the heart of solidarity and tenure by accepting a second-tier status of due-process for ATRs

10.  the "myth" of listening to its concerned members, parents and even its own delegates, before pushing its own sometimes sub-par policies along as the best that we can do--or, go to the back of the line, # 151

How will you know a Blogger Beast if you see one?  Good question.

These Blogger Beasts, come in many sizes, shapes and forms, but all hail from a breed which works tirelessly, without recompense to promote the interests of public-school children.  They refuse to take "mythological" loyalty oaths or to vote against the desires of their constituency or of their conscience (because they actually take time to consider the issues and discuss them with their colleagues and people who comment at their sites).  And, as is fitting in the best democracies, whether Blogger Beasts have wings, clawed feet, or five or more heads, they will always refuse when told to raise them reflex style.  
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