Friday, May 09, 2014

UFT Contract Theme Song

In the year 2525,
if you are still alive,
If that contract can survive,
you may find....

In the year 3535,
Will you get retro or just more jive?
12.5 percent you worked so hard for,
got delayed for sixteenth world war.

In the year 4545,
You ain't gonna need to think of going on strike,
Union leaders working for you,
put off retro for a year or two

In the year 5555,
Ink on contract has long ago dried,
All your money's got nothin' to do
Interest earned doesn't go to you...

In the year 6565,
Wonderin' if you'll see that cash in your life,
You're not sure you can get that far,
Now they've made you an ATR.

In the year 7510,
3020a takes one minute by then,
Arbitrators stand up to say:
Guess it's time for the judgement day.

In the year 8510,
you fantasize you'll get paid by then,
You'll be livin' out in a tent,
cause you failed to pay back rent.

In the year 9595,
I'm kind a wond'rin' if you're gonna be alive,
Writing email from inside your tent,
Beggin' Mulgrew for that 8 percent...

Now it's been ten thousand years,
could've drunk a lot of beers,
But you chose to bide your time,
Thinking you'd afford fine wine...

But because we didn't fight,
for cash other unions were paid outright,
Retro seems so far away -
maybe it's only yesterday.

In the year 2525,
percentage you'd expected was five,
In the year 3535 . . .
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