Monday, May 12, 2014

Tell Truth About Contract, Asks UFT

Yesterday I got a slew of messages in my inbox encouraging me to get the truth out about the new contract. Apparently the NY Post has declared the UFT has declared war on education reform, and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, a few months ago Governor Cuomo saw fit to stand with Eva Moskowitz as she bused her hapless kids to Albany on a school day. He encouraged and passed legislation that circumvented Bill de Blasio's decision to deny 3 of Eva Moskowitz' numerous charters. He made sure that, in the future, the city would pick up her tab for rent. After all, her BFFs had just spent $5 mil sliming de Blasio, and one doesn't want to overextend one's self.

I remain horrified we did nothing to stop that. I only hope that it played no part in the abysmal nature of the proposed contract.

Mulgrew said a one-day 3020a hearing for ATR teachers was "fast and fair." He made this determination though said hearings have never taken place, and we have absolutely zero data on which to base this conclusion. And that, despite his frequent reminders, is no "myth." Mulgrew said many teachers who'd gotten off on 3020a were upset the process had taken so long. I have no doubt that is correct. This notwithstanding, I'm certain not one of them would have swapped out for a process in which losing their jobs in a single day was a possibility.

Now we can trust in the inherent fairness of the arbitrators, who routinely tack thousands of dollars in fines on those who are acquitted. We can hope that principals will do the right thing, and only write up ATR teachers who merit said writeups. We can hope that the kind folks at Tweed won't purposely send teachers they've targeted to principals who will do these writeups. But really, will all the stories we read, who's expecting the best from Leadership Academy grads?

I fail to see why ATR teachers deserve fewer due process rights than I do, and no I would not like to have the diminished hearing they do either.

I also have a huge problem being the union that dumps a crap pattern on our brother and sister unionists. 1.4% per year for seven years does not keep up with inflation in NYC, and will wipe out the gains they made when they, unlike the UFT, negotiated a very favorable two years of 4% raises. In fact, that is the lowest pattern in my living memory. And in the past, when we lent the city money, we got back interest and better working conditions, both of which current leadership failed to do.

The UFT's big scare tactic this year is not what they've used in the past--that the only alternative to signing this crappy contract is a strike. What they're saying is that we have to get in line behind 150 unions if we don't take it. If de Blasio fails to establish the pattern with us, he'll have to sell it to someone else.

Here's the thing--we're not getting a whole lot of money anyway. I can wait for 2%. I can wait for a bonus that, after taxes, will barely cover the 4 new tires I had to buy yesterday.

I can wait for a medical savings agreement I haven't read, an agreement that de Blasio says is enforceable by arbitration, because who knows what arbitrators will say, or whether or not they care about agreeing with UFT leadership?

But mostly, I can wait a long, long time before subjecting ATR teachers to second-tier due process.
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