Monday, April 07, 2014

Be Advised

I am growing weary of posting this in the comments, so I am placing it on the front page. Commenters may disagree with me. They are welcome to express their own points of view, whether or not I like them.

I will not tolerate name-calling or personal insults. You may not come here and call my guest-blogger a liar, which someone recently did.  I banned that person, whom I had warned repeatedly. I don't regret it at all.

Kindly refrain from personally insulting me, the guest blogger, or individual commenters. In my opinion, that does not advance the conversation. If you disagree, go post somewhere else. There are plenty of sites that tolerate this sort of thing, but mine is not among them.

This is my classroom and I will decide what is and is not acceptable. If you feel this page is opinionated, you are correct. It is commentary and opinion, and I paint what I see. I do not feel obliged to paint what you see.

I am the sole arbiter of what does and does not appear in the comment section. If you do not agree with my decision, I am OK with that.

If I find your comment abusive, I will delete it. You probably did not deem your comment abusive, or you would not have posted it. I understand that, but I am the moderator. You are not. If you continue to post comments I deem unacceptable, I will ban you from the forum. If you do not like my policy, that's fine with me.

Different standards may apply in other places. But actually, this is my place. I urge you to bear in mind what I tell my students--it's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice.

Thank you very much.
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