Thursday, February 13, 2014

To Go, or Not to Go?

I just woke up, and outside it looks like very little has happened. There's a dusting of snow on my car, less than an inch, and there's no snow plow dumping feet of snow to keep me in. At this point, the big storm looks like less than meets the eye. Unless another six inches of snow falls by 6 or 7 AM, the big storm will look more like a big nothing.

Of course, this is exactly the situation that left me and thousands of my colleagues stranded on the roads for hours a few weeks back. If the snow picks up anytime this morning, it could be a disaster by this afternoon. Yet knowing that full well, I don't see how staying home is an option for me, at least.

And perhaps worse, they say this is going to continue on through tomorrow AM. Is tomorrow the day to stay home, or perhaps even the day the mayor breaks down and closes city schools?

In case it isn't clear, a colleague reports via email that city schools are open. I'm not surprised. If there isn't two feet of snow,  reindeer running about, and Santa caught in a tree somewhere, it just doesn't happen. If you go in, move slowly and be careful.

What about you? Are you going to go in and risk the awful trip home, or are you gonna roll back in bed and be more sensible than I am?
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