Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Worst Drive Ever

I just spent three and a half hours driving 23 miles from my school to my home. Don't even think about me reporting to work tomorrow. They can open the schools, they can close them, they can do a delayed opening but I won't be in until Thursday.

I thought I'd get a head start on the traffic, since my school day finishes at 2:23, but five bazillion drivers on the Long Island Expressway got the same idea, and left work early. It was excruciating. I've driven in snow many times before. When I was in college, I supported myself playing in a band, and we would drive just about anywhere, under any conditions, to do just about any gig for fifty bucks a head. Back then it was more than it sounds like now, especially for college students.

Today I was not nostalgic at all. Somehow my windshield kept freezing over, and piece of ice got stuck in my windshield wipers, making vision almost impossible. Twice, I had to pull over in the snow just to clean my wipers. I saw other people doing the same. I cannot remember ever having to do that before. At times I was relieved traffic was only moving two miles an hour.

I feel awful for my friends who live in Suffolk County. If I were them, I'd probably stay with a friend or in a hotel. The only bad thing about that, really, is the possibility of having to drive home tomorrow.

My advice to you is, if you're on the road, get off of it as soon as humanly possible. And if you're home, God bless you, and for goodness sake, stay there!
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