Wednesday, January 22, 2014

School's Open!

Not in Nassau, where I live, of course. My kid is going nowhere today.

But Chancellor Fariña has declared that city kids can go to school today.  Channel 2 reports that Mayor de Blasio has told New Yorkers to avoid the roads if possible, but is OK with teachers coming to work. A chapter leader friend from Suffolk just texted me that he left his school at three and did not arrive home until ten.

I woke up in the middle of the night, because for reasons I can't really understand, I can't stop thinking about snow. Other people obsess over more interesting topics.

It's ten degrees out there right now and there is black ice everywhere. I don't understand why NYC is such a macho place. I guess de Blasio doesn't want to look like some sort of liberal wimp and therefore can't worry himself over the welfare of the million kids who attend city schools.

I'm on the fence about going in. I don't like to miss work, but there's no way I want to spend hours driving either way to work.

What's your morning looking like?
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