Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hard Hitting Journalism from Alexander Russo

Well folks, the secret's out. Sabrina Joy Stevens, who tweets @TeacherSabrina, turns out to be not only an "education activist," as labeled by MSNBC, but also a teacher! Not only that, but she has been affiliated with the AFT, or American Federation of Teachers! I could barely contain my outrage when I read Russo's trenchant commentary.

I mean, honestly, what business does a teacher have in a discussion about education? Did Oprah feature teachers when she did that show about box-office stinker Waiting for Superman? Does Mayor Bloomberg consult teachers before he closes their schools? Does Arne Duncan consult them before advocating for higher class sizes? Of course not.

Not only did Russo blow the whistle on this dark secret about Sabrina being a teacher, but he also said she "chewed the inside of her mouth." That's an important observation. I mean, what can you say about a person who does that? And how many reporters would even observe, let along write about such a thing?

Naturally, a bombshell like this one had to be picked up by the media at large. That's why education expert Joe the Plumber wrote about it. With both intrepid journalists on the trail, it was just a matter of time before other facts began to come out.

Here at NYC Educator, we have discovered and can now reveal that Sabrina is not only a teacher, but also a woman. I saw nothing about that at MSNBC. Clearly, they're trying to pull the wool over our eyes about that as well. How, then, are we to know that this teacher/ woman hasn't got some hidden agenda? Is she a card-carrying teacher? Is she a card-carrying woman? Do teachers carry cards? Do women? Is she carrying two cards, or does one card cover both?

I certainly hope that Russo and Joe can follow up on these important questions. Russo has now demonstrated a remarkable flair for the obvious, and it's pretty clear Joe relies on Russo's amazing nose for news to decipher what's in front of his face. Who knows how many more obvious revelations they have up their sleeves?

I, for one,  have no doubt that many other commentators may be revealed to be teachers. For all I know, I myself may be one. I eagerly await Russo's story to find out. Lacking the instinct that led Russo to write that piece, I'll have to simply check my wallet for cards I may be carrying.

I've also learned that many powerful political figures are women, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Where will this story end? It's unfortunate that I just about never read either Russo or Joe, so I'll likely never find out.
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