Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Just A Little Early to Give Up on Bill de Blasio

I keep reading all over my social media haunts that de Blasio has sold us out, that he's going to appoint a reformy Chancellor, and that he's no different from Bloomberg. There's not a whole lot of basis for this yet, other than speculation on who he's spoken with.

I know he just appointed someone from Goldman Sachs to be in charge of something. She wouldn't have been my first pick. But let's see what she does.

I read all the crap in the reformy press suggesting that the slimeballs from DC or Chicago would be chancellor and it turned out to be crap. I pledged if de Blasio were to appoint Kaya Henderson chancellor that I'd make a video burning my UFT de Blasio t-shirt. I'm pretty sure that won't be necessary.

But the man is not mayor yet, and he hasn't done anything whatsoever. I think it's fair to at least wait until he sets foot in office to decide what sort of mayor he is, and how well he's doing.

As for me, I'm going to the inauguration. For some reason, he sent me an invitation, and I'm willing to stand in the freezing cold and watch Emperor Bloomberg slink off into the primordial ooze that spawned him.

And I'm going to be optimistic until I have a viable reason to be otherwise. 

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