Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

To all readers of this blog, to all my brother and sister teachers, and to all the public school parents facing these odd, odd times, I wish you a happy and restful Christmas and holiday season. Thanks for all your support, and thanks for all your thoughtful comments.

Thanks for waking up every morning ready to help children who need it. Thanks for your awareness, and thanks for teaching me so much about what's really happening in education, as opposed to the shallow nonsense we see in the papers.

Thanks for your willingness to stand up for reason, for science, in the face of an unrelenting attack by those who look at our children and see only dollar signs. Thanks for knowing that it's our job to stand up for these kids, and thanks for recognizing the barely concealed ulterior motives behind demagogues like Gates, Rhee, Bloomberg, Walcott, and all the various heads of the snake that is corporate reform.

David beat Goliath, and no matter what the odds I know you will continue to stand up to the Walmarts and the Broads and their well-financed nonsense, whether it comes in the form of Students First, Educators 4 Excellence, DFER, or whatever they're calling themselves this week. I'm very proud to stand with you and honored to be some small part of a movement that insists reason be part of education.

Let Reformy John King and Silent Merryl Tisch worry this year, because it is we, not the corporate propagandists, who truly will not back down. We will make them face truth everywhere they turn. We will not only shout from the rooftops, but also write to the newspapers and corporate media who spout their nonsense. We will not give them one moment's rest as they try to use our precious children as guinea pigs for programs they see as unfit for their own.

And we will not stop until they are down for the count. They have the money, but we have the numbers, and we will not rest until everyone knows the truth.

So rest up. It's gonna be a tough year, and I can't wait.
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